Aspen District Theater

Seating Capacity:

550 Total (386 Main Floor, 164 Balcony).

Stage Dimensions:

Proscenium 48’0” wide x 23’0” high

Normal Opening Leg to Leg 40’0”

Normal Opening, Border Height 22’0”

Plaster Line to Curtain Line 1’6”

Plaster Line to Back Wall 40’3”

Plaster Line to Cyclorama 35’0”

Plaster Line to Front Apron 5’0”

Plaster Line to Front Edge of Orchestra Pit 11’0” (poor sight line front row balcony) (pit is normally covered)

C/L to Stage Right Wall 52’0” (Fly floor 28’6” R of C/L, 10’ ceiling) (Tall scenic storage is off left because of 10’ ceiling stage right)

C/L to Stage Left Wall 52’0” (full height ceiling)

Crossover 6’0” wide hallway immediately behind stage

Orchestra Pit 24’ wide x 10’ US to DS wall x 8’deep

(cover removal is manual in 6 sections - weight limitations on Pit cover)

FOH Lighting Positions:

Catwalk Position Pipe to Plaster Line 24’6” at 35’0” above stage level

Balcony Rail Pipe to Plaster Line (C/L) 35’0” at 20’0” above stage level

(curves to 31’0” from Plaster Line at 26’0” SL/SR from Center Line)

Box Booms (2) Pipes to Plaster Line 24’0” from 12’0” to 28’0” above stage level (2 vertical pipes 16’0” high)

Follow Spot booth to Plaster Line 56’6” at 39’6” above stage level

Follow Spot Throw Distance to Plaster Line 69’0” at stage level

(Follow Spots typically are Source 4 kits from the Catwalk Position due to shot angle and throw distance)

Rigging System:

Line sets 36 double Purchase Capacity 800lbs

Max Out Trim 45’7” (lines 1-6 & 52-58 have a max out trim of 48’0”)

7 Single Purchase Pipes Capacity 1000lbs

Max Out Trim 27'0"

Batten Length 55’0”( Pipes are hung slightly off-center, resulting in a pipe length of 28'-0" on SL and 27'-2" on SR)

Grid 46’3”

Fly Floor: Stage Right 28’6” from C/L of Stage, 13’8” Above Stage Level

Loading Bridges (2): 31’0” and 39’0” Above Stage Level 27’9” from C/L

Main Curtain: Manually operated on stage left, at stage level. Single purchase, vertical lift. House curtain is Red and has a center opening for page bows.


1 Red House Curtain, 50% Fullness, 25 oz (Guillotine)

Teaser/Tormentor Package (on same lineset)

1 Black Teaser (valance) 55’w x 8’h, Flat, 22 oz

2 Black Tormentors (legs) 10’w x 22’h, Flat, 22 oz

4 Sets Black Legs 10’w x 24’h, Flat, 22 oz

6 Black Borders 55’w x 3 @ 10’, 2 @ 12’ Flat, 22 oz

3 vertical tab set SL 8’ x 25’ (poor condition)

5 sets tabs stage right 10’ x 5’ (poor condition)

1 Black Sharkstooth Scrim 24’0” x 52’0”

2 Black Velour Backdrops, flat, 22 oz 24’0” x 55’0”

1 White Muslin Cyc (Bounce) 30’0” x 60’0” (poor condition)

1 Rosco Twin White Rear Projection Cyc 28’ x 58’

Stage Flooring:

-D’Anser sprung portable dance floor. (3” high, 64’ Wide X 36’9” Deep, 4’ extensions

offstage and 4’ ramped sides.) covered with masonite painted matte black

-Harlequin Studio “Marley type” Covering (Black)


Please note: Nails, Screws, Bolts, Staples or any other fasteners are not allowed in the Harlequin Studio stage floor. Tape is permitted (Gaffer’s, vinyl, spike, glow). Permission is also required to use screws or fasteners on deck of District Theater Stage.


ETC Ion 1000 Light Board w/ 2x10 Fader Wing

336 Dimmers @2.4k

98 - ETC Source Four 36º ERS 575w


45 - ETC Source Four 26º ERS 575w


35 - ETC Source Four 19º ERS 575w

10 - ETC Source Four 50º barrels

10 - ETC Source Four 19º barrels

2 - ETC Source 4 10º barrels

4 - ETC Source Four iris inserts

24 - Altman Par 64 (WFL, MFL, NSP, and VNSP lamps available)

6 - Par 56 Border Lights 8’ – 12 lamp (3 circuit)

10 - MR-16 Mini Strip Lights 8’ – 40 lamp (4 circuit)

9 – T3 Quartz Cyc Lights 9 Lamp (3 circuit)

8 - T-3 Quartz Cyc Lights 6 lamp (3 circuit)

24 – ETC Color Source LED pars

Ladders and Lift:

1 Genie AWP Personal Lift (25’ height)

26’ fiberglass trestle ladder (“New York” style A-frame trestle)

Little Giant Ladder 6’0” to 11’0” Step Ladder (13’0” to 23’0” extended variation)

6’ fiberglass step ladder

8’ fiberglass step ladder

12’ fiberglass step ladder

12’ wooden step ladder

14’ aluminum step ladder

14’ fiberglass extension ladder (to 28’)


Main PA System:
1 Yamaha 32/64 channel compact digital mixing console

8 JBL Self-powered line array loudspeakers
4 JBL Self-powered flying 18” subwoofer
4 JBL line array frame kit
4 JBL super-compact line array loudspeaker for lip-fill
1 Crown Digital amplifier for lip-fill loudspeakers
1 DBX system processor and zone control
4 JBL 15" 2-way floor monitor loudspeaker
2 Crown Digital amplifier for floor monitors

Assisted Listening System (ALS):
1 Listen Tech Modulator
6 Listen Tech Receiver
1x Audio Technica Microline condenser hanging microphone - Program monitor
1x Audio Technica stereo recording microphone

Com System
1x Shure 8ch. Rack mounted mixer Clear-Com System
8x Clear-Com Single Channel Belt Pack
1x Clear-Com Master Com Station


1 12ch UHF rack - digital

1 Shure UA845 Antenna Distribution System 3x RF Venue DISTRO4 1 Diversity

10 Shure QLXD Digital Wireless QLXD14

2 Shure QLXD Digital Wireless QLXD24/SM58 Hand Held

10 Shure MX153 Headworn microphone tan

2 Shure WL184 Supercardioid Lavalier

5 Shure SM 57

5 Shure SM 58

1 Shure Beta 52

2 Shure SM 81

4 Long Tripod Mic Stands

4 Short Tripod Mic Stands

4 Straight Roundbase Mic Stands

Loading Dock:

-Stage level – stage right

-Loading door 10’9” high x 7’11” wide (one hallway door obstructs at 10’0” high and 6’0” wide)

-Loading Dock height 3’0”

-Loading Dock width 9’0”

-Overhead clearance 14’0” (partially covered)

-Accommodates large tractor/trailer rigs, but drive is long and winding

-Loading dock is shared with the entire Aspen School District. Long-term truck/trailer parking is not allowed in the dock area.

Dressing Rooms (1):

-Large school classroom with fabric divider for women/men on SR.

-Women’s dressing room/side can accommodate 24 performers

-Men’s dressing room/side can accommodate 24 performers

-Dressing rooms have tables with lighted mirrors and chairs

-“Performer Only” bathroom with showers, sinks and toilets adjoins women's

side, men's bathroom (same amenities) is SL.-Wardrobe racks are available

-There are no individual dressing rooms for soloists or principals.

-Dressing room has audio and video monitoring and a stage manager’s paging system

Scene Shop:

The scene shop may be available, with advanced notice, and is equipped with power tools, hand tools and some stock hardware and lumber.

Aspen High School Black Box Theater

Seating 200 Seat capacity flexible seating arrangements.


Board: ETC Express 48/96


Circuits 1-42 to grid D20 modules

Circuits 43-48 to house lights CC20 modules


(10) ETC PAR 7” 575w

(12) ETC PARNel 7” 575w

(19) ETC Source Four Jr. 575w


Board: Yamaha MC24/12


(3) QSC CX1102 (6) EAW speakers @ grid

(1) QSC CX1202V (16) JBL mini fill @ ceiling

(2) QSC CX702 (2)EV stage monitor, (2)JBL wedge monitor

(1) EV 7100 (2) JBL 4408A studio monitors (booth)

Grid Height 14’

Rolling Scaffolding with movable deck to access lighting

2 Dressing Rooms Available

District Theater Equipment may be used in the Black Box if available.